It has never been easier to manage your:
- Postcard swaps
- Postcard collections
- Postcard offers
Welcome to My Postcard Manager

Enhance your Postcard collection with My Postcard Manager

The My Popstcard Manager lets you maintain and manage your entire postcard collection and lets you keep always a perfect control about all your swaps. Never miss to send a card to your swap body and always have an overview about the cards which are travelling to you.

With the Postcard Manager you will also be able to provide your own offering page and you can share your collections with your friends.

Many Features and Reasons to join with us

  • Manage all your Private and Postcrossing swaps
    • Powerful predefined Swap types available for Tags, Round Robins, Postcross Official e.t.c
    • Create your own swap types
  • Offer and Stock Management
    • Present your offered cards to your friends
    • Create your own offer categories with your own thumbnails
    • With the integrated stock management, your friends will always know if an offered card is on stock or not
    • Generate and print shopping lists for your cards and stamps out of stock
  • Show your received cards to your friends
    • Add Pictures of your received cards for: Front side, Stamp cut and Backside (private)
    • Title and describe your cards
    • Rate received cards
  • Order your received cards in categories and sub-categories
    • Create unlimited own collections and sub-collections
    • Image upload for your collection thumbnails
    • Add received cards to one or more collections
    • Fully integrated country collection with flags and automatically generated Missing World Map
    • Powerful predefined Collections available:
      • - Full UNESCO World Heritage Sites Collection with pictures and "My Missing List"
        - Various Country State and Province Collections with map, flag and/or seal thumbnails available for: USA, Russia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, France, Germany and Switzerland (more countries will be added soon)
    • List travelling cards to avoid dublicates in tags and swaps
  • Manage your swap friends
    • Keep your friends addresses and informations always ready for futut swaps
    • Save addresses also in native languages like Chinese, Russian e.t.c.
    • Available Links to your friends Postcrossing, Forum and Facebook Profiles
    • Rate your friends
  • Store all your Messages and Chats from and to your friends
    • Did it happen also to you that you reached the U2U limit in Postcrossing Forum and you had to delete important messages ?
    • Now you can easily store all messages from and to your friends, so you don't need to break your mind anymore which message you can delete or not !

Postcrossing optimized

We are supporting and also participating the great Postcrossing Project. learn more

  • To make your Postcrossing experiences even more exciting, we have optimized the Manager to the Postcrossing Project:
    • Direct Links to Postcrossing and Postcrossing Forum User Profiles
    • Included Swap types for Postcrossing Forum Tags, Postcrossing Official Cards and Round Robins
    • Direct Links to Postcrossing Forum Tags
    • Possibility to store unlimited Postcrossing private U2U Messages